Senior Cycle

Le Texte Perdu     Résumé

Our actors have landed a great new job in a professional theatre company, but when our play opens they are down in the dumps. Last night, to celebrate their good fortune, they went to a disco and one of them – Thibault - met a lovely girl, but now he has lost her address and telephone number - and that’s not the worst (le pire)! He also left his jacket (son blouson) in her place and in it the only copy of the text of the play which they all had to study by Friday!      What are they going to do?

Then they have an idea. They know a very famous actress (une actrice très célèbre) who might be able to help them. They go to visit her and she turns out to be rather bizarre (like a lot of actors), but she does remind them that there will be other people in the play and perhaps they could borrow a script from one of them. Unfortunately, the only other actor they know in the play is definitely not a friend of theirs. (Il nous déteste!) Nevertheless they must try to persuade him to lend a copy of the text, so again they go off on their quest. To no avail. No one will help them out.

They are on their way home, deep in depression, when they are stopped by a strange couple (les deux mecs – Zic et Zac). These odd characters, who speak in verse and have really only one request – that the actors entertain them and make them laugh - are very threatening and the actors are very frightened.

Si vous ne voulez pas mourir
Vous devez nous faire sourire

Just in time along comes un agent de police, a rather strange agent who decides to take over the role of the entertainer. Things are becoming more and more confusing and still they do not have a copy of the text.

Then – a great stroke of luck – the missing jacket is returned and quickly they search the pockets. Yes! The text is there. They are saved. But what a lot of trouble it has all been. Then and there it is decided to play a trick (jouer une petite plaisanterie) on Thibault. They make up a completely fictitious plot, which they pretend is the real text and in it everyone gangs up on Thibault to give him a really tough time. Poor Thibault. He has lost his new girlfriend’s phone number, he has lost his jacket, he has lost the text and now he feels as if he’s losing his senses…………….?