Bringing France to your school with two new shows for 2018-2019

Voici nos pièces pour l’année scolaire 2018-2019.

Seniors - Les Nouvelles Vedettes

Our actors need to make quite a few Euros quickly if they are to realize their dream of travelling to Ireland to watch the France-Ireland rugby match.
They decide to combine all their talents and enter a TV competition to find “Les Nouvelles Vedettes” – hoping to win the top prize of 4,000 Euro.

Juniors - Le Rôle

Chloé has been offered a role in the famous Abbey Theatre in Dublin but she doubts that she has the necessary skills. Her friends rally round to convince her that she has, but they – and the audience - will need to give her a lot of help before rehearsals begin.

La Troupe -

La Troupe - Pauline, Anzmat, Chloé et Camille.


F.T.F.S. brings the expertise of 25 years of language learning through drama to your school. During the summer we have been busy auditioning new cast members in France and preparing our new shows. Brochures will be sent to all schools at the beginning of the school year.

These plays have been written to be enjoyed, the emphasis being on fun and on 'learning by doing', but by skillfully including many of the topics required for Oral and Aural examinations they are excellent for re-enforcement and revision of classroom work. Also included are small parts for students, and that, with lots of general audience participation, ensures students gain confidence in their ability to communicate with real French people. Each play is written in carefully monitored language, vetted by practising French teachers and, of course, the actors are trained to speak slowly and clearly. The abundance of visual action and repetition allows students of all abilities to understand. In addition, we supply a résumé in English and a lexique for each student beforehand.

  F.T.F.S. travels to schools all over Ireland and will fit in with your school timetable requirements.
  The cast enjoy talking with students before and after performances.
  The pride of F.T.F.S. is that we successfully provide education and entertainment in equal measure.

  Acteurs exclusivement francophones, parlant clairement et lentement. Plein d'humour, d'action et de chansons.

  Beaucoup de participation des spectateurs.

  Pièces écrites en francais facile.

  Les résumés des textes, lexiques et notes explicatives sont envoyés aux professeurs avant chaque spectacle.

  PAF (Price) : € 7

  Duration of show : 1hr 10min. approx.

  Venue : We come to you and perform in any space

  - gym, canteen, library, etc. with the minimum of disruption to your school day.

  For further information / booking contact us here>>>.

  You may view our 2010-11 Senior play Video by clicking below..





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