Junior Cycle

Le Rôle - Résumé et Lexique

Four school friends are involved in their school play and they are meeting up to rehearse (répéter). Pauline is first to arrive and she is annoyed that the others are late (en retard), but she is even more annoyed when Chloé, who is last to arrive, is in bad form (de mauvaise humeur) and announces that she has no more interest (je n’ai aucun intérêt) in taking part in the school play, and even worse, she won’t say why.

She receives a letter but it seems to make her sadder ( plus triste) and she is afraid to read it. Finally we discover that she has been offered the chance to play the role (jouer le rôle) of a young French girl in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, but on condition that she can dance and sing a song in English and she can do neither. She says “je ne peux pas danser, ou chanter, et surtout je ne peux pas parler anglais”. But her friends are determined to help her out and as she must be prepared by next Tuesday (mardi prochain) they had better start straight away.

First of all they practise a dance (une danse), then they have to think of a song (une chanson) in English – you may already know the one they choose. Finally they decide to rehearse the play itself – Le Mauvais Mariage. The characters in the play are le Duc and la Duchesse who are not very happily married. Le Duc casts his eye on a beautiful young lady and la Duchesse is so jealous and angry that she plots her revenge.

They rehearse the plot in different ways until Chloé has lots of confidence (beaucoup de confiance) in herself and is ready to accept the offer of Le Rôle.

Here are some words to help you. Say them out loud as well as reading them.

Je dois – I have to Je ne dois pas - I don’t have to
Je sais - I know Je ne sais pas - I don’t know
Je veux – I want to Je ne veux pas - I don’t want to
Je peux - I can Je ne peux pas - I can’t

Que veux-tu dire ? what do you mean ?
Tu as tort - you’re wrong j’ai raison - I’m right

danser – to dance, chanter - to sing, aider - to help, commencer – to begin, apprendre – to learn, jouer – to play, essayer – to try, aimer – to like, montrer – to show, tuer – to kill

en retard – late à l’heure – on time
le spectacle du collège - the school play d’accord – OK
un problème – a problem prêt ? - ready ?
les paroles (d’une chanson) – the words (of a song) le refrain – the chorus
qu’est-ce que ça signifie ? - what does that mean ?

« Les Marionnettes » Le Duc, La Duchesse, le Clown, le poison, le couteau.