Senior Cycle

Les Nouvelles Vedettes - Résumé et Lexique

Four friends are keen to travel to Ireland to enjoy the excitement of watching France play Ireland in rugby – la France contre l’Irlande – but they have no money. Our play opens with them discussing how their efforts to find a job have gone. They have applied for all sorts of different jobs without success. Then one of them has a brainwave.

There is a new competition on television – Les Nouvelles Vedettes - in which competitors can perform anything they wish – singing, dancing, acting, playing a musical instrument. The prize money is €4000! Quite enough to cover a weekend in Dublin! But what will they perform? Will they sing? Dance? Act out a play? They decide to have a go at everything and you – les spectateurs – can judge by your applause which of their ideas will be good enough to win the competition!

But what if they don’t win? And then a letter arrives from an uncle………..


(reading the sports section)
être blessé – to be injured
Les courses de chevaux – horse racing
Un essai – a try

Les autres arrivent –
Avez-vous eu de la chance ? Did you have any luck ?
Qu’allons – nous faire? What are we going to do?
Un fait – a fact Nous devons gagner de l’argent. We have to earn some money.
Réfléchir ensemble – to think it out together les moyens – the means (way or money)
Quel genre de travail? – What sort of work ?

Le Concours (the competition)
Le prix – the prize gagner le prix – win the prize le premier prix – first prize
Le juge - the judge
Avoir aucune idée - to have no idea
Je pense qu’il serait mieux – I think it would be better
Les marionnettes - puppets
Le jonglage - juggling
Un tour de magie a magic trick
L’applaudissement applause

La Lettre
Une usine – a factory qui fabrique des chemises de rugby – which makes rugby shirts.